Thursday, May 10, 2007

Diet Coke!

I take my Diet Coke very seriously.

My only addiction is Diet Coke.  I love it, I need it, it makes me whole.  I mean it.

They say it's the caffeine.  I can almost jump on board with that.  I've tried to quit several times because I hate that I have to have it and each time I get migraines that don't quit.  But if it was just the caffeine, coffee would make me feel better in the absence of Diet Coke and it does not.  I like coffee a great deal, but it's no substitute.

So, I'm perpetually guilt-ridden and weak in my crutch.

Until now.

Newsweek did a full 2 pages on the lure of Diet Coke in this week's issue.  Not diet soda, Diet Coke.  Seems I'm in good company.

Harvey Weinstein has to have a steady, ice cold supply at all times.
Bill Clinton, like me, loves his from McDonald's.
Jeffrey Katzenberg drinks it for breakfast.

Other people interviewed for the article drink dozens of ounces a day.  It's the number 3 selling soda in the country.

This made me feel a little better.  Still, it's bad for me, right?

Maybe not as bad as I thought.

Studies that indicate that it may cause bone loss are inconclusive and apply to all cola, not diet specifcally as I had previously thought.

The acid may erode tooth enamel, but not to the degree that it does in full strength sodas.

The sweetener has been thought to be detrimental to health, but testing has proven that it is not and a person would have to drink 18 cans every single day to reach the high end of the amount that the FDA has deemed acceptable.

So, Diet Coke drinkers unite!  Drink up, guilt free, you're in good company.

P.S.  My fix of fountain pop for the day costs between $1.20 (44 oz at Speedway) and $1.70 (32 oz at McDonalds, which tastes better) each day.  To be fair, that's just the fountain pop.  I usually have a 20 oz bottle of it sometime during the day. So, it can get expensive, but it makes me happy and it's alot cheaper than fixes of the illegal variety.

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