Monday, March 12, 2007

When Good Spelling Goes Bad

I've always prided myself on my natural ability to excel at all things spelling and grammar related. I'm crazy about the English language. It's true. Nothing makes me happier than words and good syntax.

I wouldn't want to say I'm a snob about it. Eh... let's face it, I kind of am. In the past, something as minor as a man (boy?) saying something like "Do you got any______" has been enough to make them permanently unattractive. When asked to peer review a classmate's paper, I'm always happy to help them find their mechanical errors, but even happier to see how much better mine is than theirs.

I know, I'm horrible. Honest, but horrible.

Lately, I've not been doing well with my spelling. This is extremely embarrassing to me. I have two friends who point out my errors (as true friends should!) although, I have to admit that one of them actually experiences better quality of life when she finds my mistakes.

I don't blame her. I'm a snob, I'm always happy to point out her fuck ups.

The other one is *grimaces* superior to me in all things writing, although he does add the occasional superfluous "u" to his words and the letter "s" where the letter "z" should be. He also says "eh?" in normal conversation. But I don't think he gloats over my recent lapses in spelling. And if he does, he best not admit it here.

These mistakes are not minor. They aren't caused by me typing too fast and not proofreading. I truly think I'm spelling everything correctly... until it's pointed out that I wrote "you're" instead of "your" or "illicit" instead of "elicit."

Don't laugh at me or tell me to lighten up, either. This is serious!

I'm losing the only natural gift I have! Why? That's not rhetorical. Why is my spelling going away? The crazy amount of credit hours I take every 10 weeks is proof that my brain gets plenty of exercise.

If you love me, you'll tell me when I spell something wrong.

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