Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do You Think She's Pretty? *GASP, SLAP* You Bastard!

Since my first "boyfriend" in the sixth grade, It has never been a part of my composition to get jealous. If another woman is prettier than I am, I don't feel threatened by it, even if my significant other is foaming at the mouth. In fact, if she's hot, I'll probably join in the ogling.

Jealousy has never made sense to me. I know that when you're in love, lust, or like, you tend to focus on that one person as the center of everything. But, in my experience, no matter how happy I am with someone, I'm not dead to the fact that there are people of the opposite sex that continue to be attractive despite the existence of a significant other.

Last night, on St. Patty's day, I was in the restroom and there were two young, cellulite free girls in there discussing how one had been slighted because her boyfriend was staring at some other girl.

I've seen this before a lot, we all have.

I don't really get it. If person a's eyes follow person c's ass as she walks by, does this have to mean that person a wants to cheat with person c or that person a no longer sees person b as attractive? Does person b not know that if person a said that he didn't notice the rest of the alphabet soup because no one is more perfect than person b that he'd be lying?

This isn't limited to girls. My first love was like this and I put up with it. I even trained myself to behave as he'd want me to. But I allowed him to check out/ discuss other girls with me because it didn't bother me. He said that it was different. I still contend that it was not. My ex-husband and I checked out the opposite sex with each other. It had nothing to do with our problems.

So, what is it that makes people behave so strangely on this matter? Why do they not see the same logic that I see?

People would be so much happier if they let go of jealousy over that which they can't control, like the fact that no matter how hot you are, someone else is hotter... and that's okay.

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