Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm Due For a Good Cry and Other Reasons to Avoid Getting My Homework Done

I'm currently working on my final paper for my Tuesday night class, a biographical interpretation of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." By "currently," I mean "when I'm not putting it off in favor of blogging." FYI: I'm pretty sure it's impossible to interpret anything by Beckett. But it's either that or "The Satanic Verses" which I never even finished reading.

This particular paper is causing me some stress as I have yet to receive an "A" on a paper in this particular class, an anomaly of sorts in my 12 year career as a professional student. I probably could have received an "A" by now had I paid better attention to my instructor's critiques and not procrastinated to the extent that I have. Unfortunately, procrastination has served me well previously. I do my best work under pressure. Just not for this class.

It's the last 2 weeks of class and this paper is just one of 5 projects due this week, none of which have been but barely touched thus far. I'm feeling some pressure.

I will pay you to put together my thematic unit on "The Odyssey" and the accompanying lesson plans. I'm not kidding.

The closer I get to this quarter being over, the closer I get to the next quarter starting. If I want to graduate in '08 as planned, I have to take a very large load the next 10 weeks. 27 credit hours, 6 classes, 2 of which require a combined 50 hours of observation.

The classes: The Exceptional Learner, Theories of English Instruction, Emerging Nations, Structures of English, Critical Writing/ Literary Analysis, and The American Novel (I've already read all of the novels for this class- hooray).

It will, without a doubt, be the most work I've ever done. My brain is fried already and I'll only have 2 weeks to recuperate before it all begins.

During that 2 weeks, I plan to attempt to complete as much of the obs hours as possible. This is a new set of problems. I've "shrunk" out of my dress clothes due to the loss of weight. Normally a good thing for a female, but not when your budget doesn't allow for the purchase of new clothing to be worn in the classroom. I'm going to have to borrow clothes and I hate that. Not as much as I hate shopping. Blessing in disguise?

Also during the two weeks, I'm hoping to get 2 books read that aren't required for school. Just to relax. I may socialize. This has yet to be decided.

Probably, I'll just try to schedule a good cry. To prepare. To cause myself to eliminate some stress. Perhaps it will stop my hair from breaking and my skin from flaking.

In the meantime, several very deep breaths will be taken.

On a positive note, it was clear to me from the very beginning of the Risk game last night that I would win, solely on the fact that I was lucky to be dealt a card with one of the countries in Australia on it. And win I did.

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