Monday, June 25, 2007

Home, Sweet Michigan

Today marked my return to my beautiful home after a 10-day long vacation.

My children were with their father during this time as the standard custody agreement by which we generally abide has the kids with him for two weeks of each summer.  Because Todd and I had no plans yet pertaining to when he would take the kids over the summer, when the opportunity for me to go away for a bit presented itself, I took it.

I went with a friend for a few days to Denver and then we proceeded to various destinations (requiring loooooong car drives as dictated by the "book of fun") throughout Wyoming.  The mountains were breathtaking, I'd never seen them before.  I must admit that this heathen found herself thinking that maybe, just maybe, something greater had to be responsible for such beauty.

Because I have to blog about every silly thing that happens to me and you're all sucker enough to read it, I put much thought into how I was going to discuss my vacation with my MyFamily upon my return.  I took some pictures and thought of doing the whole photo blog thing, but it doesn't feel quite right. 

It was a strange vacation.

I'm sure you all understand how draining a little time away from life can actually be.  Stepping away from the familiar (in this case, far away) really tested my boundaries.  It's difficult to surrender control for 10 days. 

Ultimately, the vacation yielded many good times along with the token couple that were not so good.  It left me energized and drained simultaneously.  It gave me some confirmation of things I had been reflecting on and left me with new questions.  Best of all, it was a disaster which will allow for several good chuckles as I remember things that I said or did to embarrass myself ("Is that snow?")

I was trying to think of things to tell you, dear MyFamily, that would essentially represent the highlights of my time away (I only logged on to MySpace four times in 10 days *gasp*).  While I'm very glad that I went, I must admit (in typical soft-girl fashion) that I lost my heart during the time I was gone.

I can't really allow myself to tell you what the best parts (or the worst) were because those things belong to me. 

I can, however, give you a glimpse of what happened today, my first day home.

I found my heart.

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