Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Sundaes

Every Friday that the kids are not with their dad (and only since the weather has been nice), the kids and I go out for ice cream after dinner. Usually we go down by the river or to the beach to eat it.

Today, I thought it would be more funner (yes, that was intentional) to go buy bunches of goodies from the grocery store and make our own sundaes at home. I ended up with killer strawberry shortcake and the kids each had cones with Magic Shell on them. It was messy. It was more funner.

That's just the back story.

While we were at the grocery store, we ran into one of Jenna's friends (the one that Alex is lovestruck by and is convinced he is going to marry someday) and her mom.

Her mom, R, asked me if I was okay. She had heard I was going through a rough time. I assumed she was talking about the divorce as I chose to only announce it to two parents of Jenna's school friends under the assumption that this would be sufficient to ensure that all of the other parents found out.

I told her I was doing absolutely wonderful, that I had just finished a quarter at school and was looking forward to my two weeks off.

She said, "No, I thought you were sick. Weren't you in the hospital?"

No, I was not.

Jenna's friend prompted with "that's what Jenna said!"

I looked at Jenna. She was beat red and looking at the floor. She looked like she had been caught at something.

She's been telling lots of little lies lately (unintentional alliteration). Usually, it seems that it occurs when she needs to preserve face and keep out of trouble. I've tried a few approaches, making every effort not to shame her, to explain why lying is not prudent.

But, I have to say, I am completely and utterly befuddled by this one.

When we were away from the friend, I asked her why she told her friend I was in the hospital. She did the whole "I dunno" thing. I told her that if something is bothering her, that makes her feel like she needs to lie, or if she's not getting enough attention and feels left out of something that she need only talk to me and I will help her as best I can.

Since she was caught, she was not even remotely forthcoming with her motivations for constructing such an untruth and I'm not sure how to handle it. It's very frustrating.

Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I find myself on the verge of explosion over these things and I don't want to make her feel shameful as that will only further complicate matters.

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