Friday, April 27, 2007

Secrets: The Good Kind

I wrote this last night but, as there was trouble in the blogosphere, it didn't post.

Perhaps one of the best, most underrated parts of being in a romantic relationship is the secrets. I look forward to having someone to share secrets with.

It's about the things that are said or done that no one else knows of except for two people. Something will trigger a memory and they'll glance at each other slyly because they have a secret. Maybe they'll try to disguise their smiles so they don't have to let anyone else in on it.

It doesn't even have to be something worthy of holding secret. It can be small and insignificant in magnitude but when it's shared only by two people, it takes on greater meaning.

I had a small taste of it today. While I'm not in any type of romantic relationship (as you are all painfully aware), something was said to me publicly that no one else understood but me and him. It kind of set the tone for the remainder of my day.

It felt good to be in on a secret. Even without the romantic relationship aspect of it.

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