Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unemployment Chronicles, Vol. 3 (hot tramp, I love you so)

I've determined that spending too much time with other unemployed people (Sarajane) is detrimental to my economic health.  Too much coffee at B&N, lunch dates, etc.  Things I wouldn't be doing if I had a job.  It's funny how one spends more money in lieu of a job than otherwise. 
But, I love her!  And I have so much time on my hands!  Luckily, I have a couple of classes but a couple of classes still leaves lots of time leftover.  I look forward to every little thing I have planned. 
Anyhow, here are a few (or more) random things since last time that serve as highlights of my mundane existence.  It may have to be the last such blog.  I need to write more "important" things to feel, you know, important.
1)  Friday, after meeting the ex in Lansing for his weekend with the kids, Sarajane and I headed to Big Rapids for a weekend away with Dawn.  We drank with college kids, one of which had to stop herself from asking us how old we were.  The nerve!  We planned to defeat her.  Unsure of what, exactly, we meant by "defeat," said defeat never took place.  Nonetheless, there was some singing and fun.

2)  Last Wednesday, Scott took me to a Red Wings game.  Once upon a time, Melissa (my sister HATES it when people refer to themselves in third person) enjoyed hockey a great deal.  But it had been years since I'd been to a game, so it was a treat.  On the way there, a song was on the radio that I've heard quite a bit but never payed much attention to.  Scott pointed out the guest vocal portion of the song (like that made any sense; yet, I have no idea how to reword it) and I instantly recognized Gord Downey.  Of the Tragically Hip!  Now, I LOVE that song, of course.  July 23.  That's my next trip to the other part of North America to see TTH. 

3)  On the way to Big Rapids, some ucky man with gray sweatpants tucked into his winter boots was conversing with the cashier about how he was going to bring his mega-millions ticket back at 11 p.m. to watch the numbers come up.  Since the pot is at something like 300 million, I'm guessing he didn't win and won't be purchasing more appropriate public attire anytime soon.  In any case, I made the mistake of glancing at his *makes localized circular motion with right hand* bathing suit area and instantly looked, wide eyed, at Sarajane, letting loose a "Gross!"  She agreed.  Walking out, I discovered that she did not see what I saw and was merely disgusted by his sweatpants tucked into his boots.  What did I see?

4)  I've been eyeing Kindle suspiciously of late.  *looks over shoulder*  I love to see people curled up with a book.  It's a beautiful sight when one blocks out the world for a book.  But, since Kindle stormed into my life, I've been thinking, rather guiltily, of how much more user friendly it is than a book.  How much easier to hold.  How much easier to lounge about with.  How much easier to bookmark and turn a page.  I'm going to hell for saying these things, I know it.  *breaks down and cries*  I feel so dirty, I might as well be reading this crap:

5)  To sum up, since being unemployed, I have accomplished nothing, feel like a big waste of space, and have nothing to show for it but some photos that show me trying to molest the Asian.


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