Friday, March 13, 2009

Six Years

I know I'm seriously behind in my subscriptions and returning messages, I've been busy this week.  In the meantime, a quick one...
Six years ago today, I showed up at the hospital at six a.m. to deliver my son.  I had a doctor's appointment two weeks prior in which I was able (didn't take much pleading) to convince my doctor to induce me two weeks early.  Win-win.  One less baby for him to potentially deliver on a weekend, I got to meet my baby a little bit early.
I did, however, begin mild contractions the night before.  Chances are, he would have come all by himself that day.
The nurses were clearly irritated by all the inductions and didn't have a room ready for me so they tucked me into triage.  At ten a.m., there still wasn't a room ready and Alex was, so I gave birth in triage.
As do most moms upon the emotional experience of giving birth, I cried when I first laid eyes on him.  I'm a little teary eyed now.  He's at Disneyworld with his grandma, having the best birthday ever.  I wish he was here so I could take cupcakes to school, but I can't wait to see pictures of the happiest boy on Earth at the happiest place on Earth.
Thank you, Alex...
...for always being so cheerful.  The smile that's always on your face always puts a smile on mine.
...for remembering to open doors for ladies.  It's little things like that which make me proud and fiercely protective at the same time.
...for laughing at your own jokes.  You are a funny little man.
...for being sensitive.  You always think of everyone's feelings and intuitively know how to respond.
...for being mama's boy.  There is no greater priority than cuddling with Mom.
...for being one half of the family I'll never lose.

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