Thursday, December 7, 2006

Single Moms v. Single Dads

I stress ahead of time that the following did not bother me in the least, it's just a general observation on one of the disparities between men and women... for now.

When I was out last night, I struck up some excellent conversation with one of my male classmates (not Simon, Lori, although he was much more fun than I would have ever expected). After a while, the excellent conversation evolved into one of those martini-induced warm and fuzzy feelings one gets when one discovers they are being flirted with. Not everyone gets these warm and fuzzy feelings just from being flirted with, but yours truly certainly does as it has been a long time since I have felt "attractive" in this way.

Now, this male classmate is not even close to my "type." He's very muscular, in fact, he's a bouncer. There is nothing that will turn me off faster than huge muscles. But, while I wasn't attracted to him, I will admit that he was attractive. Naturally, it's pleasant to find an attractive person who can hold a good conversation and also have some good, harmless flirtation going on.

Since I had never talked to this person before- he's quiet, I'm antisocial- and most everyone else there knows me, eventually those of us who have children wound up discussing said children.


The nearly imperceptible noise of previously mentioned male classmate's reaction to the fact that the object of his alcohol-induced affection is not as young as he is, and, what's worse, has children.

"How old are you? You don't seem old enough to have kids!"

I assure you, I am. This is all strictly inferential, but it turns out that said classmate is only 26, and while he would normally be very up for whatever with a woman 5 years his senior, this would not apply if that woman is a mama.

Throughout the night, he had been edging closer and closer to me. Suddenly, he found a much more comfortable seat at the other end of the table. It was quite funny, actually.

This may have been a problem for me had I actually been attempting to "go somewhere" with the whole flirting thing. But, I wasn't, I was just being reminded of how awesome it is to be female.

However, an interesting question is raised. When I do decide to date, how will my status as a mother affect my options? Now that I'm so determined to be more selective, do I actually have the luxury of being selective? And, if I were a man, would this be a moot point? Aren't single dads way more sexy than single moms?

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