Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I'm Thankful For

I do apologize in advance for any unnecessary cheesiness. You should know that it is a direct result of my happy state of mind over the past couple of days, which, in turn, is probably a direct result of the meds :) With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I'd talk about what I'm thankful for. Aside from #1, these are in no particular order.

1) My kids. They are the best in the world, of that I'm certain. They have it all. I feel lucky. If I hadn't "accidentally" got pregnant with Jenna, I may never have had kids. I never had an ounce of maternal instinct in me, never felt "touched" in the presence of babies. Until I had my own. I am convinced that if I never had children, I would have been happy because I wouldn't have known what I was missing. But, I did have children, and they make me feel things that I would have been missing, I just would have been too ignorant to know better. I recently had this discussion with a couple of different people. Because I have no instinct to have any more children, and I'm perfectly content with the two I have, I usually think that some type of permanent birth control is in order. But, I know that if I meet someone that I'm crazy about, I could be convinced to have another if it was important to him. This is why: both times I was pregnant, while I LOVED being pregnant, I didn't have any urge to have babies (Jenna) or another baby (Alex). But the moment they were born... I never loved anything more fiercely. It would be the same if I had another baby.

2) Lori. Gosh darn it, Lori, I'm thankful for you! You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I am so grateful that you have been in my life for so many years. You are an amazing woman and I count myself blessed having grown up with you.

3) Second chances

3a) Life. It's a good thing, in our society, that we have choice and freedom to change our minds. Otherwise, I'd be an accountant right now, hating every minute of it. Instead, I have the opportunity to share my passion with others, and hopefully to spark passion in others.

3b) Love. In the movie You've Got Mail, when Meg Ryan's and Greg Kinnear's characters mutually break up, he asks her if there's someone else. She responds with (this is from memory and may not be accurate), "There's the promise of someone else." That about says it. I'm glad for this second chance.

4) My family. Despite the addictions, the jail-time, and general white-trash qualities that run in my family, they are here for me, will always be here for me, and I wouldn't trade a single member of my family for anyone. This is especially true of my siblings (except for the addictions, jail-time, and white-trash thing), they get me and we've grown to really appreciate the things we have to offer each other. I am very thankful for my mother(s) and my siblings.

Oh, I almost forgot:

5) My laptop.

Oh, yeah, and:

6) My Tragically Hip tickets.

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