Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Christmas Carol Train Tour

To the delight of lit fans and mothers alike, Disney is releasing a very advanced (think Polar Express, only better) animated version of my favorite Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol on November 6.

Okay, one of my favorite Dickens' classics. There are so many to choose from!

While in Kansas City last month, I happened upon a flyer advertising a train tour to promote the movie. Luckily it hadn't hit Detroit yet and I could take my children. I don't watch much TV and I don't have the attention span for movies that I once had so, until the flyer came along, I didn't even know there was a movie being released. Crazy since I've devoted the last 3 Decembers to forcing A Christmas Carol down my daughter's throat in the form of reading and plays. Now, with a 3D animated movie, I can force it down my son's throat as well! Yay!

Anyhow, here are a few photos from the train tour. If it hasn't already passed through your city, go! It's free!

The first car had stuff from the movie and no photos allowed. The next couple had various pieces from the Charles Dickens museum in London and was AMAZING! I got to see original manuscripts, first editions, letters, and more. Just like heaven.

A few photos from the museum:

A first edition!

The original Pickwick Papers

The next couple of cars had models that were used to create the animation for the movies. I didn't take quite as many pictures there.

Model of Scrooge & Marley's

The last car was cool, the whole family steps into a photo booth and each member gets a photo of their face which is then morphed into the face of a movie character. All of ours kinda sucked but it was fun.

Alex as Tiny Tim

We also got to see an "exclusive" trailer of the film and not only am I super excited, but happy to report that the story doesn't appear to be overshadowed by Jim Carrey's particular brand of overacting as in The Grinch.

Is it November 6th yet?


PottsAntiques said...

Awesome - I had no idea you were on blogger as well.

Melissa said...

Yup. I use it to back up and will occasionally post something a bit more personal than I would normally. In fact, your blog reminded me that I hadn't backed up in a bit, so thanks for that!

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