Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did You Knows

I'm not very good at communticating my feelings to people I care about, I like it better if they think I have none and this is a tiny (probably generic!) collection of things left unsaid, past and present.

If you leave a comment, leave it as a "did you know."

Did you know...

If I were the one going, it wouldn't hurt half as bad as watching you go.

I'm glad I didn't meet you first. That's why I simply smiled when you told me you wish you had.

I want to hump your leg.

I've said "I never had a positive male influence while I was growing up" too many times, but I always did, even if you didn't follow all of the rules.

I'm happy because I don't feel like I need anything from you which gives me a free pass to simply be content and, well, that's pretty good.

You're the only person I don't have to elaborate with.

Somehow, you were never more perfect to me than in a moment when I couldn't wait to go home. I'm so glad home was always waiting for me in places you never would and vindicated that you'll never know what that feels like.

You are not alone, I made the same decision as you and I know it was the right one.

You are so very, very, very small.

I want to be you and each time I've ever said anything critical to you, that's why.

Looking up at you is one of the coolest things I've ever done. Someday, I will do it again.

I can't tell you everything because you are so GD judgmental. You're aware of this but I don't think you understand how much this keeps you from having truly rewarding relationships.

You drink too much.

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