Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation Day

Like every other major event in my life, my best friend was there. It was probably the first big event in my life she was there for, something like 22 years ago. We weren't there because it was about us, though. We were there because we were the family, the extended significant others.

In spite of being an extended significant other, along with my little brother and sister, I felt so removed as I saw my mother standing tall among her classmates.

I remember looking down at her sitting there, listening to the speech intently, even though her mind had to be wandering.

I remember her friend Mark jokingly looping his honors tassel around the both of them because she didn't have one.

There was a little reception after the ceremony where all of the graduates and significant others smiled and laughed over refreshments and I felt so proud.

My mother was so radiant the night she became the first college graduate in her family. She was positively glowing, the most beautiful and inspiring person in the room.

She's always been some separate entity, as though she were a picture in a magazine.

I hope that Lori felt the same when she looked at her mother that night and I hope she still remembers it just as I do, because she's about to be that woman to another little soul.

Happy Almost Mother's Day, Lori. And a very happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother.

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