Saturday, February 23, 2008


I thought I had an online class start two days ago so I logged in today (as week 1 work is always due on Saturday night in online classes at my school) and discovered that my class actually started two days ago, plus one week. Now that everyone has done one week more work than I, it seemed logical that I should make all of my remarks as awesome as possible to "get in good." Here's my bio:

Sorry I'm late, people. I am easily confused due to a condition I like to call, "complete and utter lack of organizational skill." As such, I thought this class began on Thursday the 21st. I thought wrong.

I am an English major in the Secondary Education program where I am completing my last year of classes before I start my student teaching in the fall. I couldn't be more excited about my career choice to poison young minds and have found through various networking activities that many other teachers are afflicted with the condition I referred to above and are self-proclaimed experts at "winging it." I'm going to fit in wonderfully!

When I'm not completely disorganized and, quite frankly, even when I am, you can find me at my part-time job folding and refolding denim at the Gap and at my full time job perpetually doing the laundry of a beautiful 9-year-old girl and a bodacious 5-year-old boy (occasionally I do my own laundry as well). Sometimes I have time to read a book. Sometimes I don't.

Since this is a biography, it would be prudent to mention that in my former incarnations I was a professional wrestler, a stunt woman, and a line cook. So, yeah, you don't really want to mess with me.

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