Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Get to Work!

I've decided to go back to work.

Not there, sickos. Here:

Check out this video: Gap Girls SNL

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Once upon a time, I was a GAP girl. It was my full-time job before I quit work to go back to school. I was a manager and I actually enjoyed it but it wasn't exactly fulfilling and I certainly didn't feel that retail hours (nights, weekends, holidays) were condusive to raising a family.

Recently, I decided to get a part-time job. The money I receive from my ex and financial aid is enough to pay my bills and not much else. I hate not having "extra" money and I miss interacting with other adults. Lucky for me, one of the girls that was an associate when I was there is now a manager and hired me back. It's weird to have a job after all these years off.

I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I would have bought for Christmas presents if I had spare cash.

For my best friend, I'd buy a couple of cases of this:

Then, she could hand it out to patients as gag gifts, secretly hoping a handful will use it.

For my kids:

Because kids love explosions and sparkly things!

For my boyfriend:

So people know he has a girlfriend. He could take her everywhere! He could strap her into his car. I always try to take pictures when I see a blow up doll in the passenger seat in a parking lot, but the glare of the windshield always ruins it.

For my sister:

Because they come in handy for ridding oneself of baby daddys.

Finally, for my blog readers:

A subscription to a good old-fashioned magazine. I promise, you'd learn more there than you ever will here.

What am I most excited for? I love processing shipment. Strange, but I really like to feel productive. One time, when I was opening boxes, I found one of these:

He was in a box from Sri Lanka. He was sealed between 2 pieces of plastic, as though he had been ironed in. It was disgusting and it smelled like ass.

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