Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Love My Dead, Gay Son!

That title was wrong but it is one of my favorite movie quotes.

Simply put: there is no way that you will find this little anecdote anywhere near as amusing as I do.  You might as well click out right now.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

It occurred to me as I was putting my son's clothes away after folding laundry this evening that he is very selective about what he wears to bed.  Both kids have a pajama drawer and, in it, a stack of over sized T-shirts that they accumulate from various places.  I'm not bad at keeping up on laundry and they always have clean pajamas in their drawers but seem to prefer the over sized T-shirt.

For whatever reason, Alex's T-shirts are always in disarray when I go to put his pajamas away.  This leads me to believe that he has something against grabbing the T-shirt on top.  Yet, he doesn't wear the same T-shirts over and over, they are always different.

I have some theories about my son's future sexuality and I really don't want to get into that now.  I'm just saying that I am of the opinion that he is aware of whether he wore something recently and is trying to avoid a monotonous bedtime wardrobe.

Observe the pajama drawer after I put clothes away:

The T-shirts are all the way to the right.  I purposefully put the Weezer T-shirt on top.  It was freshly laundered (he just wore it two nights ago).  Alex is a big time mama's boy; he knows how much I love the Weezer T-shirt and always shows it off when he puts it on.  Beneath that, I put the blue skunk shirt my boyfriend's mom bought him in Wyoming.  That shirt was on the bottom of the stack so I knew he hadn't worn it in awhile.

Now observe my son dressed (he always puts on his Cars robe and slippers):

You may notice that he is, indeed, wearing the blue skunk shirt.  NOT mom's favorite Weezer T-shirt which was conveniently located on top of the stack.

Finally, observe the results of his search.  Notice said Weezer T-shirt tossed upside down to the left:

By the time I put clothes away again in 2-3 days, this will be amplified.  I'll have to organize the shirts all over again.  It's a good thing I'm one of those parents that likes to "mess with their minds."  I think I can make this whole pajama business fun for me.

Maybe on Friday, I'll only put shirts in the drawer that he's already worn this week.  Then he'll probably wear normal pajamas.

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