Thursday, November 1, 2007

Update Rant

I went to Chicago last Friday and came home Monday night.  I've since been trying to catch up on the news, get last minute homework done, spend time with my kiddos.  As such, I haven't been on much and will never catch up on the blogs I missed.  What is it about the word NEW! next to the blog entries I'll never read that scares me so?  I don't have time to read yours and assuming you have time to read mine, here are updates, categorically speaking (it's like an annoying survey!):

Art and Photography:

My children on Halloween

Automotive: I still haven't got the blower in my car fixed.  It's under warranty.  What's my malfunction?

Dreams and the Supernatural:  Nothing to report.

Fashion, Style, and Shopping:  In Chicago, I realized that shopping sucks now just as much as it always has and it is unlikely that I'll ever revise my position on the Dementor-like effect shopping has on me.

Food and Restaurants:  I had Indian, Ethiopian, and Sushi all in one weekend!  I feel like a cow!  Moooo!

Friends:  It was good to see Lori but especially nice to catch up with her on the ride home.  I love having that one friend that, no matter how much time has passed, nothing changes.

Games:  I'm told that I need to learn Blackjack inside and out.  For homework.  My boyfriend is using me to make him rich.

Goals, Plans, Hopes:  WTF are those?

Jobs, Work, Careers: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Life:  I don't have one.

Movies, TV, Celebrities:  We saw Dan in Real Life while in Chicago.  I recommend it.

Music:  I wish I could play violin.

MySpace:  Distracting me from laundry.

News and Politics:  I increasingly wish that the underdogs were the front runners.  They're better.

Parties and Nightlife:  I had too much to drink on Sunday night.  And the bars were showing sports.  Blech.

Pets and Animals:  I finally remembered to go get the hermit crabs from their weekend babysitter.  Why do people insist upon making "you have crabs" jokes repeatedly?

Podcast:  Um, yeah...

Quiz/Survey:  I'm determined to never read another.  Let's all band together on this.

Religion and Philosophy:  I have yet to find Jesus and he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to find me.

Romance and Relationships:  It made me infinitely happy to see Josh in Chicago and even happier that I only have 3 weeks until I see him again.  Unfortunately, we've nothing lined up beyond that and I find this distressing.  The long stretches in between are, at times, impossible but there's usually a "next time" to look forward to.  I don't eagerly anticipate not having a "next time."  Don't let ancient wisdom rule, parting is just plain sorrowful.   

School, College, Greek:  Two new classes today: Creative Writing and Social Problems.  Creative Writing is a repeat.  Good story.  Once upon a time, I took a class titled "Creative Writing."  I did most of my work, enough to receive a "B" anyway.  Unfortunately, I failed to compile said work into a portfolio to turn in on the last day of class.  My teacher said it would be okay to email it to him after I got home that night.  Then we all went to the bar (teacher too).  Then Treasure had about 20 drinks too many and, in ensuring she didn't hug too many old men at the bar and getting her debilitated butt home, I forgot to email the portfolio.  My teacher tried to reach me all day the next day but, alas, I was not home.  Ultimately, he gave me a "D."  Now I have to do it all over.  Which really sucks because I have to write poetry and fiction, not my strong suits.  Luckily, I have all the crap already done from the last time I took the class!

I don't feel like doing this anymore, so I'm cheating you out of the last four categories.  Get over it.

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