Monday, July 30, 2007

Yo Momma So [adjective], she [verb] etc.

A while back, in one of the newsletters I get via email about education, I read about a book intended to help teach high school kids ACT vocabulary through the use of the ever popular "yo mamma" joke.

I thought it was genius.

For some reason, I was trying to think of one of the jokes I had read in the news article and I couldn't, so I just searched for the book online to attempt to find the joke. It turns out that most educators do not think the book is genius, they find it insulting. Hmmm....

I tend to think that anything that gets the students to have fun so much that they don't even realize they're learning is a good thing. But I suppose I can see how it's offensive to some. I think too many teachers are just old fashioned. I suppose I could just wait until I'm tenured to use something like this.

I share with you a few of the jokes and you can feel free to leave a comment with your favorite yo mamma joke or try to invent your own using higher level vocabulary.

Yo mamma is so epic, when she steps on the scale it says "To be continued."

Yo mamma's teeth are so askew, it looks like her mouth is throwing up gang signs.

Yo mamma's so taciturn, she makes Calvin Coolidge look like Rutherford B. Hayes! What up, yo!

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