Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Best Friend

Tomorrow I'm off to Chicago early in the morning to see my best friend graduate.

I've been thinking alot about her, mostly because I'm so proud of her, but also because I was wondering if there gets to be a point in life where I might be a little too old to use the term "my best friend." So here it is:

There are all kinds of things that bug me about people. I'm annoyed when people make stupid, obvious mistakes, I'm irritated when I see people follow their "heart" more often than their brain, I don't like insincerity, and just a whole mess of other things that pretty much everyone, myself included, does.

But when I can look at a person who does or has done all of the things that annoy me about other people and love her all the more for those things, I have no doubt that the term "my best friend" will never be antiquated.

This is all rather unnecessarily cheesy, I do apologize.

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